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NorseWorld : Ragnarok

[2001-05 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.13 02:41

[Initial Release, 2002] WIN
Remake of  Ragnarok (1992)

Roguelike Game - NorseWorld : Ragnarok

The development of this game was begun at november 2002, as remake of Ragnarok game, created in 1992-1995 by Thomas Boyd and Robert Vawter.

In this roguelike-game, created on base of scandinavian mythology, you are brave viking, who must help the aces (the gods) to win in Ragnarok - the final battle against evil. This battle will determine the fate of nine worlds.

You begin in your village and can choose between the ways of viking warrior, woodsman, blacksmith, alchemist, conjurer or sage. Each way is different from others and has its own advantages and disadvantages, each new game is totally unique: worlds and their levels, lands, creatures, items and even merchants are randomly generated.

Playing the game you will pass through Midgard - the world of mortals, visit Jotenheim - the land of giants-jotuns, and Nidavellir - the labyrinth of caves, populated strange creatures, come down in dwarven great caves; you have a chance to visit lands, created by gods and greatest of ancient wizards, get through terrible Niflheim - the world of deads and search the mighty artifacts of the gods. Then you'll go to Asgard - the world of gods, to take part in final battle against powers of evil. [Quoted from OfficialSite]

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[2006-10 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.13 01:02

[Initial Release, 2008] WIN

Roguelike Game - Teemu

a roguelike adventure game.

It's one of those days you wake up on a beach of small island without clothes. It's calm and dry, but there is a sense of danger. And a figure of a pirate ship in the mist. It's time to kick some chicken and chew bubblegum. But you are all out of gum.

-an epic adventure of tiny proportions
-run for your life as you encounter dangerous beasts
-drink alcohol to regain your health
-collect exciting items like patches of grass
-solve mysterious puzzles as you try to escape the island [Quoted from OfficialSite]

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Nazghul / Haxima

[2001-05 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.12 23:05

[Initial Release, 2004] WIN

Roguelike Game - Nazghul / Haxima

Nazghul is a computer role-playing game (CRPG) engine. Here's what it looks like when played. Obviously, the emphasis is not on graphics or first-person squad-based stealth action. If you like roguelikes or the top-down, 2d, turn-based CRPG's that disappeared in the early 90's then this is for you.

Haxima is the first full-featured game built with the nazghul engine. It comes packaged with nazghul-0.5.0 and later.

Haxima includes:
-A complete, playable game
-U5-like game play
-Multiple characters in the player party
-Clone of U5 magic system, with some extras
-A sizable wilderness
-Several towns
-Several dungeons
-A main quest
-Several side quests
-Talking NPC's
-Scripted game world
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Goblin Hack

[2006-10 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.12 21:36

[Initial Release, 2006] WIN, LINUX

ASCII graphic game - Goblin Hack

Goblin Hack is a roguelike opengl-based smooth-scrolling ASCII graphics game! Inspired by the likes of NetHack, it opts for a simple interface that appears to appeal to kids (and adults) and fires the imagination in today's world of over-rendered games. [Quoted from OfficialSite]

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Other Observations

[2006-10 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.12 20:02

[Initial Release, 2009] WIN

Roguelike Game - Other Observations

Other Observations is a light roguelike game focusing on the fun of looting and exploring. The quest is simple: clear all 12 floors of a dangerous dungeon and kill The Betrayer, a nameless, majestic figure responsible for the deaths of millions.

Other Observations differs from other roguelikes in a number of aspects; the most important one being inventory management. The game does not let the player to pick an item to use; rather, every item the player acquires will be considered equipped at all times. This style lets the players to focus on surviving in the dungeons rather than worrying about the effectiveness of their weapons and armors.

Other than the inventory, the player can carry three miscellaneous items; some of these are consumables that can be used simply by pressing the key they are assigned to, while the others passively increase the player's abilities in some aspect.

Sneaking and throwing abilities are vital to the player's survival; the enemies will progressively get more deadly and ruthless as the player gets stronger and descends deeper into the dungeon, demanding the player to use his skills in order to survive.

The dungeon is located on a small island, and there are shops for the player to use and native camps to plunder scattered around the map. Occasionally, pirates will come to this island, and the player will have to face them. The island is, however, not the main aspect of the game; it is merely a setting.

Other Observations was made using Game Maker 7.


Arrow/Numpad Keys: Movement/Attacking/Aiming
S: Sneak (vital to survival in the dungeon)
T: Throw or Shoot (when you have the proper equipment)
1,2,3,4,5: Managing the main inventory
7,8,9: Managing the misc. inventory
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Kamyran's Eye 2

[2006-10 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.12 01:31

[Initial Release, 2007] WIN, DOS, MAC

Roguelike Game - Kamyran's Eye 2

Avenge your murdered mentor and find the truth behind the starting civil war.
Kamyran's Eye 2 is a graphical fantasy-themed roguelike role-playing game for PC (Windows, Linux).

It features a dynamic world that is never quite the same, armies that fight each other and burn down cities in a branching storyline with multiple endings. Forge alliances, defend cities, explore dungeons and get to know the diverse inhabitants of Amris - before chaos engulfs them.
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Kamyran's Eye 1

[2001-05 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.12 01:24

[Initial Release, 2005] JAVA

Roguelike Game - Kamyran's Eye 1

Kamyran's Eye is a fantasy-themed "roguelike" role-playing game for cellphones (Android, J2ME) and PC (Java). With each game, explore a world which is never quite the same - filled with inhabitants both friendly and hostile. Defend cities and villages, conquer wizard towers and raid dens. A plethora of items, weapons and spells allow for a wide array of tactics to reach one of the multiple endings.

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[2001-05 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.11 13:55

[Initial Release, 2002] WIN

Roguelike Game - Decker

Decker is the name of the ones who break into corporate mainframes to perform missions from rival companies. In this tile-based cyberpunk RL, you are one of the deckers, running in cyberspace to earn skill and money to upgrade your equipment.

The player takes on the role of a hacker who wants to earn reputation and money. To achieve this, a decker signs contracts and enters systems to fulfil the current mission. Objectives include disabling security devices, crashing systems, retrieval and/or deletion of data, creation of backdoors and many more. For completing a contract, the player is awarded with reputation and money. Any valuable files downloaded while in cyberspace are sold and also added to credits. On the other hand, reputation may suffer if many missions are failed. In cyberspace, the player may hack into databases, fight various ICE (Intrusion Countermeasure programs), collect information, and several more activities. Sometimes source code is found and upon downloading can prove to be a valuable tool for the hacker to use. Gained money may be used to upgrade hardware, pay for treatment, new software and rental payment. [Quoted from RogueBasin]

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[1991-00 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.11 13:18

[Initial Release, 1999] WIN

Roguelike Game - Natuk

Natuk is a game of orcish revenge. You control a party of eight orcs, ogres, and half-trolls who plot to assassinate their Emperor.

Natuk is the name of your country. A nation of violence, where the strong rule and the weak serve... or die. Natuk is ruled by Emperor Molvosh, the most cunning and ruthless emperor the nation has ever known. Unfortunately for you, you tried to kill him. Even more unfortunately, you didn't succeed. 

Emperor Molvosh meted out his usual justice. Your mates and whelps were slain, the leader of the plot was flayed alive, and the eight accomplices of this pitiful assassination attempt (you) were thrown into the prisons of Jagg, never to be seen again.

But somewhere, somehow, papers were misplaced or orders misread, and you now find yourselves out on the frontier of Natuk, assigned as warriors to the most loathsome, moronic outpost chief imaginable.

But he is strong, and you are weak, and you have learned your lesson. Or have you? [Quoted from OfficialSite]

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[Initial Release, 2006] WIN, LINUX, MAC

Roguelike Game - Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King

Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King is a freeware roguelike game based on (but not strictly adherant to) the mechanics of the d20 system made available under the Open Game License by Wizards of the Coast.

The game boasts 9 races, 10 classes, 45 skills, and 17 gods all of them very well described and implemented and requiring totally different strategies to be played effectively though one can also decide to play as an atheist or a polytheist.

According to the developer, Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King is "a promo game for the upcoming roguelike epic Incursion: Return of the Forsaken", which will feature overland map, multiple dungeons, towns, more prestige classes and other features.

At the moment, Incursion features a single, randomly generated multilevel dungeon. Which could seem limiting but it feels like a complete game and requires several hours of gameplay to ascend and hundreds to master.

Return of the Forsaken is slated in the best case scenario for a release in the last quarter of 2011.

The developer has promised that the source code will be released at some point in the early future. [Quoted from RogueBasin]

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The Legend of Saladir

[1991-00 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.10 16:36

[Initial Release, 1998] DOS

Roguelike Game - The Legend of Saladir

"The Legend of Saladir is a roguelike role playing game. The game is set in a fantasy world called Salmorria. You have been given the shoes of an burly adventurer seeking for glorious quests and big amounts gold."

Saladir (as it was called in short) by Erno Tuomainen was a very promising roguelike, that implemented various features that were considered "advanced". It had full and detailed creature inventory, an advanced system for NPC dialogues, a bodypart system with separate hitpoint values, inventory containers system (bags within chests, etc.), and many others. The game at it's last version was very advanced "engine-wise", but unfortunately lacked content. [Quoted from RogueBasin]

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[2006-10 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.10 16:27

[Initial Release, 2007] WIN

Roguelike Game - Sewer Jacks

SewerJacks is a Win32 Roguelike written in seven days as part of the 7DRL challenge in March 2007 .

A game inspired by Jervas Johnson's tabletop fantasy football game, Blood Bowl(TM) and William King's Troll Slayer novels.

You play the role of a Sewer Jack, whose job it is to clean the sewers of all nasty inhabitants and ultimately kill the end boss to win the game. You can team up with fellow sewerjacks found lurking in the depths.  

The game is an attempt to convert the rules of Blood Bowl to a roguelike setting.  SewerJacks uses races, skills and the combat system based on Blood Bowl. [Quoted from OfficialSite]

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[Initial Release, 2003] WIN, LINUX, MAC, GBA, DS, PSP

Roguelike Game - POWDER

POWDER is a traditional Hacklike. Players of NetHack will not be unduly surprised with a lot of the setting and interface.

The goal is to get to the 25th level of the dungeon, retrieve the Heart of Baezl'bub, and then return to the surface world. What makes this difficult is the requirement to not die on the way.

"POWDER is a roguelike developed specifically for the Gameboy Advance (GBA). It is not a port of an existing roguelike as the controls of the GBA are very different from the traditional keyboard, and the screen imposes some additional limitations. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. It uses actual graphic tiles (16x16) rather than the traditional characters.

I created POWDER for one simple reason: I wanted a roguelike on my GBA. The standard RPGs were annoying me with endless battle screens against weak enemies to unfold a drug induced plotline. I wanted a game I could just jump into, and start killing things. Having had more hours than I'd care to log playing Nethack, ADOM, and the Diablos, I knew the exact type of game I wanted. The problem was I didn't see anyone publishing it any time soon.

POWDER has grown from these humble beginnings. Years of polish have resulted in a game which can stand on its own without needing to rest on its uniqueness in the handheld space. This is fortunate as Nethack can now be played effectively on the Nintendo DS." [Quoted from RogueBasin]

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[Initial Release, 2004] WIN

Roguelike Game - Papaki

1700 years after the great war of the oceans, the world seems to be drawn into chaos again, the human race, once primitive beings irrelevant to the world, have become the major rulers, and the orcs, once used as battle machines, have developed intelligence and grown their own society. But now, after thousand of years, the Angels are slowly starting to wake up from the great spell that plunged them into a seemingly eternal slumber, what is happening to the world? you have lived a relative tranquil live until now, living your normal day to day existence, but things are about to change soon.

The first Greek roguelike, or at least it seems so. Papaki is a very solid roguelike with a lot of exciting features that, with a little more effort, could launch it into the big roguelikes soon. The first noteworthy thing is the great capabilities of exploration; there is a big world, comprised of all kind of areas including ruins, villages and capital cities with a life of their own, all of them connected by roads. You can get a lot of fun just by exploring the world and discovering their features; you will find wild communities of animals, such as gnues and savage Lions, you will also find all sort of items spreaded all over the world, which make the exploration aspect more rewarding. [Quoted from RogueTemple]

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Mage Guild

[2006-10 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.10 15:36

[Initial Release, 2008] WIN

Roguelike Game - Mage Guild

Mage Guild is a new game by Nahjor of Lukos Software.

Its features include both ascii mode and tile graphics, a unique leveling system based on progress rather than kills, and offers the player a good degree of flexibility with building their character, and an alchemy system in which nearly any two items can be combined in some useful way.

The goal is for the player to get through the 15 levels of the dungeon and escape while collecting orbs of knowledge along the way in order to strengthen themselves for the challenges ahead. [Quoted from RogueBasin]



[2001-05 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.10 14:00

[Initial Release, 2003] JAVA

Roguelike Game - Legerdemain

Legerdemain is an epic adventure within the hallucinogenic realm of Phenomedom. You assume the role of an imprisoned dissenter seeking to learn the nature of your captivity. In doing so you shall uncover a vast conspiracy full of morbid secrets and ancient puzzles. Only by enlisting the aid of allies past and unearthing the remains of ancient cultures can you hope to solve the mystery of Legerdemain.

The primary emphasis in Legerdemain is on story and depth of play. The game is played using a top-down two-dimensional perspective and is intended for one player only. The storyline draws inspiration from mythology and literature to produce an environment populated by beings and characters peculiar to Phenomedom. For those who like quick and dirty characterizations, Legerdemain borrows heavily from the genres of Roguelike games as well as interactive fiction. Unicode symbols are used in preference of fancy graphics, though support for tile-based graphics will be considered. This simplification allows for a greater focus on depth, with not only hundreds of different monsters and items but vast dungeons that descend into the very bowels of the earth.

Gameplay is distilled in the sense that nothing happens until a key is pressed by the user. This allows for cautious play emphasizing strategy and planning rather than reflexes and timing. However, due to the intuitive combat system, the player may often find himself joined in frenetic battles against enemy hordes rather than engaged in careful tactics. Though combat is central to Legerdemain, the player must also learn to interact effectively with citizens, solve puzzles, and explore new and hidden areas. Considerable attention is lavished on character development as well, with twelve different skills, numerous special abilities and resistances, and a novel spellcasting system known as Manipulation. Motivation for further play is provided for via character advancement, exploration of new areas, and the unraveling of new plots. [Quoted from OfficialSite]



[2006-10 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.10 13:45

[Initial Release, 2006] WIN

Roguelike Game - LambdaRogue

LambdaRogue is a roguelike RPG. The most recent version is 1.6. If one had to categorize LambdaRogue to be either a "hack"-game or a "band"-game judging by dungeon generation, it would clearly fall into the "band"-category: Like in Angband and other *bands, standard dungeon levels are randomly generated every time a staircase is used and the player will never encounter the same dungeon level twice. [Quoted from RogueBasin]

Mankind's Redemption is hidden in the depths of a dungeon. So say the old legends, and so spoke the priestess.

Now you're standing here, all alone, with nothing but your weapon, a small backpack and your skills, facing some of your greatest fears. For hours, you've been hunted through constantly changing dungeons and caves … chased by wild animals, by preachers of a sinister cult, and by abhorrent spawns of the evil goddess Eris. Finally, however, you got some rest.

Now you're sitting in a dark corner, with nothing but some moldy water and old bread, trying to restore your psychic powers. For a moment, you're pondering to return to the Temple – but the safe havens of mankind are far away, the journey back to the Temple would last longer than the way before you. So you decide to go on, deeper and deeper, always searching for traces of the Book.

The only book that matters these days. The Book that will set mankind free. The Book of Stars.

»Per Libris Ad Astra«, spoke the priestess to you: »To the Stars, Through Books« However, this way is a dangerous way, a path through neverending darkness.

And the evil goddess Eris is already lurking for you … [Quoted from OfficialSite]

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Labyrinth of Reptoran

[2006-10 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.10 13:26

[Initial Release, 2006] WIN

Roguelike Game - The Labyrinth of Reptoran

The Labyrinth of Reptoran is the first in a series of roguelikes planned by Jared Brayshaw. It is going to be a dungeonhack, with a large town on the surface and 100 levels of random dungeons underneath. This game is different from standard roguelikes mainly in how it approaches skills, magic, combat, and quests.

STORY. Long ago, only the Gods existed, each an incarnation of one of the ten elemental forces. Each God created for himself an elemental realm and denizens to populate that realm. Most of the Gods were content with this arrangement. However, Guroth, the strongest God and master of Earth, proposed that they combine their powers. First, the Gods created a world that was a combination of all the elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Nature, Light, Darkness, Storm, Ice, and Death. The Gods were pleased with this new land and its inhabitants. However, Guroth pressed, they had only mixed their powers, not truly combined them. Guroth suggested that they fuse their elemental energies. This was done, but the outcome was of an evil nature.
They had created Shadow, the strongest element, one that seeked corruption and death. The consensus was that this power must be locked away, and hidden in the newly created world. A gem was forged to contain this evil, and buried deep underneath Reptoran, the new world. All was well for many thousands of years. Unfortunately, the Burvaks and Dwarves, both mining races, came across the Shadow Crystal. It was sent to the mages of Xaltrir for examination, and soon the relic was placed in a mountaintop temple.
Most of the travelers to the temple were content to merely look at this gem, but one wizard took it upon himself to study the crystal and learn its secrets. The wizard became extremely powerful in the shadow magicks, which corrupted him and turned him against the people of Reptoran. Belatedly the Gods, concerned with their own realms, became aware of this menace. They aided the king of Reptoran as he ventured to the mountain to combat the wizard. In the battle that followed, the once dormant volcano the temple was on awakened, and erupted mightily.
The king could not contend with the powers of the wizard. Finally, amid showers of fire and ash, the fallen king raised his sword to attack the Shadow Crystal. His last action was a powerful swing at the crystal, which shattered.

Immediately the shadow energy, no longer contained by the gem, joined itself with the other source of shadow - the wizard. The stress of the energies flowing into him was too much, and the wizard fell into a coma.
Guroth took this opportunity to imprison the wizard deep inside the earth so as to never harm the people of Reptoran again. The shards of the crystal fell into a ring of lava around the now destroyed temple, which cooled to solid obsidian. Each God took a piece of the crystal to their own realm to prevent the reunion of the elements in the future.
Many peaceful millenia passed. The inhabitants of Reptoran had no way of knowing that the wizard was slowly attuning himself to the shadow power now within him. Finally, he awoke with a tremendous burst of shadow energy. The earth tore asunder as the shadow energies made their way to the surface. Tunnels and passages were carved underground, and strange monsters came from those tunnels.
Many heroes have tried to stop this threat but all have failed. Now you must face this evil and destroy it, before all of Reptoran is lost... [Quoted from RogueBasin] 

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[Initial Release, 2001] WIN, DOS

Roguelike Game - IVAN : Iter Vehemens ad Necem

Iter Vehemens ad Necem (meaning violent way to death; better known as IVAN) is a graphical roguelike game by Finnish developers which mixes addictive gameplay with brilliant humor and a lot of violence. Graphics and easy interface make it a good game for beginners, but completing the game is very hard due to unpredictable and dangerous situations that the game throws at the player. [Quoted from RogueBasin]

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[2001-05 Roguelikes]Posted at 2011.08.10 03:17

[Initial Release, 2002] WIN

Roguelike Game - Xenocide

Xenocide is based on a futuristic and horror theme, where the player must try and survive while fighting his way through waves of human, alien, and robotic foes.

Xenocide has, amongst its various features:
A simple character creation system (for now)
Persistent levels
Combat that relies heavily on the use of tactics, guns and devices
An assortment of various pills (like potions in other games) and tools
Unique level design algorithms that give each area its own distinct flavour (i.e. the levels onboard the space shuttle are vastly different from the levels in the mines)
The ability for the player to build his own army of robots from spare parts
The ability to splice the player's DNA with enemy DNA
Radiation, anti-rad medicine and mutations
A single boss monster at the end of one of the areas
Multiple tile monsters
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